How can a website that looks like this possibly make $1,000 per month?


The truth is, lots of websites that look like this that make well over $20,000 per month.  They just have more pages.


This website was made to show you the structure of a properly Search Engine Optimized website that can make $1,000 per month in passive income.


See, approximately 42% of people who use Google will click on the top search result, and approximately 4% of those visitors will click on an advertisement when they land on a website.  If the website owner puts Google Adsense advertisements on their website, Google will give the owner 68% of the revenue earned from each click received.


Because Google releases how many searches there are for each keyword per month and how much each keyword’s Cost Per Click is worth, we can generate an estimate of how much a website will make in passive income if it ranks #1 for a keyword.


The formula that will give you an estimate of passive monthly earnings for any #1 ranking keyword for a website monetized with Google Adsense is:


(Keyword Average Cost Per Click) * (Global Monthly Search Volume) * (0.42) * (0.68) * (0.04) = Passive Monthly Earnings


To give you an example, “toaster ovens” has a global search volume of 5,400, and a Cost Per Click of $1.04.


($1.04 average CPC) * (5,400 global monthly searches) * (0.42) * (0.68) * (0.04) = $64.16


A website that ranks #1 in Google for “toaster ovens” and is monetized with Google Adsense will make roughly $64.16 per month.


There are 20 posts total on this site, and each topic of each post was picked because it was easy to rank for at the top of Google and has enough search traffic to make at least $50 per month in passive income.  $50 * 20 posts = $1,000.


If this website were to be made up of 100 posts that were all keyword researched and designed to rank, it would be a $5,000 per month website.  See how simple this is?


Not only that, this website is also monetized with Amazon.  With the Amazon Associates affiliate program, anytime someone clicks on any of your Amazon affiliate links, you will make a commission off of all of their purchases on Amazon for the next 24 hours.  Every single photo on this website links to its respective Amazon product, a bunch of in-text links within the articles link their respective Amazon products, and on the sidebar there is a big attention-grabbing link to the Amazon homepage.


And a website that has product directed traffic and has been properly monetized with Amazon stands to make WAY more money than it can with just Google Adsense.


This website has been set up so that no matter how a person exits this website (aside from pressing the “back” button), you stand to earn some money!


To watch detailed lessons on how to make passive income websites online, check out the How to Make Money from Home LIONS CLUB!


Now, on to the actual lesson:


This website was designed to show you all the ways to make your website fully SEO’d for top rankings in Google.


Let me start by pointing out the SEO signals included in the article titled “How to Best use Concrete Anchors.”  The signals listed here are true for every post of this website.

  • The post contains the exact targeted keyword in the title (Concrete Anchors).
  • The post contains at least 5 or 6 related keywords in the article text (Hilti Concrete Anchors, Concrete Post Anchors, Hilti Anchors for Concrete, Red Head Concrete, Concrete Wedge Anchors, Redhead Concrete Anchors).
  • The post contains an interesting article title around the main keyword to increase click through rate in the search engine results (the article title is “How to Best use Concrete Anchors” instead of plain “Concrete anchors.”).
  • The article links out to other related articles on the website within the text, thus showing relevance (Concrete Tiles, Concrete Mixer).
  • The article links to itself with it’s targeted anchor text (Concrete Anchors).
  • Other articles on the website are pointing to this article with the targeted anchor text (Concrete Anchors).
  • The TITLE and ALT attributes of each image are related keywords that contain the target keyword within it (Hilti Concrete Anchors, Red Head Concrete Anchors).
  • The H1 TITLE tag includes the targeted keyword (Concrete Anchors).
  • The targeted keyword is included in the permalink (the actual URL of the post).

Now onto the SEO signals that are throughout the website.

  • The posts with the top 4 earning potential (highest search volume and Cost Per Click) are the ones on the homepage (Concrete Anchors, Precast Concrete Steps, Lehigh Cement, Paving with Concrete).
  • Every post on the website is listed on the sidebar (and if there were too many, the posts with the most potential would be the ones included).
  • Every post has at least two or three links from other posts on the website with it’s exact targeted anchor text.
  • The title bar of each post includes the main targeted keyword AND the title of the website, which is related to every post.
  • No page is further than two or three clicks away from any other page on the website (in other words, it is a “shallow” website).



This website is totally 100% search engine optimized.


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You can also watch all the videos on the Mike Omar LIONS CLUB Udemy Channel.


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